Long Story Long Part One

I have so much to narrate! In the interest of informational density, please bear with any departure from grammatical conventions I may choose to adopt.

This excursion has been my first attempt to navigate the tortuous system of international airline travel alone. The prospect was initially nerve-wracking, but flexibility and endurance carried me through. I think the Airport Gods were smiling upon me or something. When my flight to Los Angeles ended up oversold, I switched to a later flight and United gave me a free round-trip ticket usable whenever and wherever in the States I desire. Later on, I missed my morning flight from Auckland to Dunedin because Customs found all those invasive species I was trying to smuggle into the country. I remained calm, and after negotiating with airline personnel for a few minutes they set me up with a seat on a flight that evening, thus giving me a free day in the City of Sails before heading down to the cold and cruel South.

Truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of Auckland. The airport was by far the most elegant and efficient I had ever seen, but the city itself was very seedy – one great big Red Light District. Based on my admittedly cursory look, it seems that Auckland serves as the gateway to many wonderful places and activities, very few of which are located within the city itself. There simply weren’t many attractive day trip options, particularly given the cold and rainy weather.

That said, the Auckland Museum was fantastic. The Maori Hall was the only truly remarkable portion, but that was more than enough for a day of exploration. I went with a lovely young British lass named Jennifer whom I met on the bus; she had just finished college and was backpacking across New Zealand before taking a month in Australia. I think I had more fun than she did, though. Rain seemed to make her very grumpy.

I’ve just been uploading my pictures to Flickr while writing and have discovered something heartbreaking. Flickr only allows me to upload individual photos of less than 5mb. Curse this ten megapixel camera! The only photos I can show you are those that have been severely cropped. I shall have to adjust my camera settings for the future, but until then, enjoy what I have managed to post.


~ by Jack on July 2, 2007.

One Response to “Long Story Long Part One”

  1. I think the solution to your flickr problems may be buying a subscription, which is obscenely cheap at like $25 a year, and allows for unlimited uploads and I believe no limits to upload size…

    Also, flickr uploader can automagically shrink your photos to a more sane size on the fly as you upload (noone actually needs 10mp files to make prints unless you’re blowing them up to like 36″ x 900000″)

    Oh, and I’m thoroughly enjoying reading about your exploits thus far, you’ve got a great narrative voice goin’ here… quite entermataining…

    Hope all’s well, and you can check out the vids from the Faceless/Decapitated/Necrophagist show on Fbook (FUCKING AMAZZZZINNNNGNGG lsdkjflsdjfksdj)


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