Jack is Distracting Himself

I apologize for not telling y’all sooner. From this point forward, photo updates will be few and far between because my camera has been stolen. Yes, you heard me. Alright – so I left it on a bus. But we were the last passengers to egress, our stop was the last one of the evening, and I phoned less than ten minutes later looking for it. The driver said it wasn’t there.

It was a nice camera.

I’m actually quite impressed with myself for managing to remain composed throughout the whole ordeal. As I’ve told my parents, at least I lost the camera in a place worth photographing. ‘Twould have been far worse to leave it or myself at home and miss that which this country has to offer.

Speaking of New Zealand’s natural bounty, a motley assortment of international students took a bus from Dunedin across the Otago Peninsula yesterday. This was my second experience with the Peninsula; the first time, I almost cried at its desolate beauty. On this occasion my friends and I maintained our composure but couldn’t contain an occasional gasp as we drove past sheer cliffs dropping down to beautiful baby-blue waves; groups of seals playing on rocky beaches; a pair of dramatic rainbows standing parallel to one another along sandy shores pounded by sudden squalls and little whitecaps. The Otago Peninsula protects Dunedin by bearing the brunt of the ocean’s wrath. This wildness only adds to the location’s primeval allure.

That little taste of adventure got me itchin’ for something bolder, so I’ve stitched together a rough itinerary for one of my South Island grand tours at the end of the semester. If all goes according to plan I’ll spend twenty days traveling up the coast with stops for tramping, kayaking, gourmet vineyard tours, waterskiing, jetboating, wildlife tours, dolphin swimming and hang gliding! Here’s the best part: all of this stuff plus accomodations, food, and petrol will cost approximately NZ$1500. That’s my new goal – to reach November 10 with slightly more than one-point-five grand remaining. I’ve done the math and determined that it’s possible; I may actually have a bit to spare. Should this be the case, I think I’ll blow it all on postcards for y’all. I might even keep some for myself. It’s not like I can take my own pictures anymore.



~ by Jack on July 23, 2007.

One Response to “Jack is Distracting Himself”

  1. Sounds like a great plan, Jack!

    At the risk of deprerssing you, which I do NOT want to do, how are you feeling about the absence of the camera? Are you finding you perceive what’s around you generally more or less, more or less directly, more or less deeply…or just different?

    Nature can be so beautiful! I’ve known similar moments of nearly crying, gasping adn feeling such awe…and thanks or gratefulness for the moments that occasionally so grace and surprise my own experiences. Thanks for your descriptions. They are great and almost bring me there.

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