Reassurance and the Pisa Range

Hey everybody! It’s been awhile, but I haven’t given up on you. Please rest assured that I shall continue to update you as to my whereabouts whenever I’m not busy doing other stuff. You’re really that important to me.

Over the weekend before last, I celebrated the completion of several significant assignments – what’s that? You had forgotten that I’m attending school down here? Incidentally, so had I – by skipping off to Queenstown with Aaron and a motley assortment of kiwis from OUTC (the Otago University Tramping Club) for a moderately strenuous backcountry adventure. The plan laid out by Fearless Leaders Amy, Rodney, and Elke involved trekking up into the middle of nowhere alongside the Roaring Meg gorge and crossing some decidedly Lord of the Rings-style territory, then ascending into the clouds and beyond on the Cadrona Pack Track, trudging along snowy ridges and absorbing some fantastic views along with all those UV rays… ahem!

Anyway, everything went pretty much according to plan, and against all odds we got some wonderful weather. Check out the pictures Aaron has kindly supplied for my Flickr account and think happy and possibly cinematic thoughts of Rohan and Helm’s Deep.

I had hoped to provide y’all with a far more detailed account of the Pisa Range adventure, but before I could compose one I found myself venturing forth once more – this time for a weeklong odyssey from sea to Tasman Sea. This journey was of such titanic proportions that I quite honestly forget pretty much everything about the Pisa Range. Sorry. I’m planning on making it up to y’all with an extra-sweet series of entries regarding this second, larger adventure – so dry your eyes and read on, kiddies!


~ by Jack on August 31, 2007.

One Response to “Reassurance and the Pisa Range”

  1. I went looking on Google Earth and found more pix and a sense of the terrain around Roaring Meg. Wow! That must’ve been pretty neat. When I get a chance I’ll look for the Cadrona Pack Track. It’s fun to trace your routes via Google, but I wish I was there!

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