Getting Back Online

Hello, child. Don’t be afraid; it’s only me. I apologize for my neglect of late, but quite frankly, I’ve been far too busy doing things to actually write about any of them. But now the winds of change are descending upon Dunedin once again, heralding semester’s end and a glorious New Zealand summer! As such, I’ve made substantive alterations to the blog – for perhaps a fresh outlook will inspire me to dust off both camera and keyboard, and document this wondrous finale of my trip.

What sort of changes might you expect? Well, shorter and more diverse posts, for starters. The painstaking narratives from previous entries make fantastic reading, but from my perspective as a writer, they’re also incredibly tedious and uninspired. I’d like to divorce myself from this style and attempt to paint a more comprehensive picture of my pastimes, whatever their relation (or lack thereof) to New Zealand – hence the evolving title and subtitle.

I’ve also snapped a tremendous number of quality photos over the last several weeks, far more than either Flickr or my capricious hard drive can handle. I’m uploading them with all possible haste, but will probably exceed my November maximum in a matter of weeks. Sigh. I desperately need a genuine Flickr membership and/or another hard drive.

Bottom line – summer is fast approaching down here in the Southern hemisphere. You want to hear about it, and I want to tell you. So check back often, feel free to leave comments, and otherwise just enjoy my freshly reanimated blog!


~ by Jack on November 2, 2007.

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