Happy Hanukkah from Jugglers’ Rest!

Fire Poi Nikki 01

Edit: This isn’t me. My poi skills are improving, but I certainly haven’t reached the point where I’d be comfortable spinning with fire.

Fire Poi Nikki 02

No, that’s definitely Nikki.  Last night we hosted eight Israelis celebrating the beginning of this holiday of lights – and wonderful Nikki decided that a fire show would be the perfect cap to the evening.  Long story short – it was.


~ by Jack on December 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Happy Hanukkah from Jugglers’ Rest!”

  1. Jack! Way cool! Is that you, I presume? Looks like you are taking advantage of the fire juggling/twiring instruction. What happened right before and after the picture was taken? Did you in fact celebrate Hanukkah with anyone there? Thanks!

  2. Hey bud, when you get back, you’ll have to do some fire poi with the juggling club! We know a trick a two.


  3. Jack, did you take these pix?

  4. Yup, these are my pictures – but I don’t really take so much credit for them. The ol’ camera has a shutter speed priority setting – I can just choose a long exposure and the camera fixes the ISO and aperture. I am rather proud of capturing the moment and balance of the second one, though. The happiness on her face, the way she is balancing, and the circles of fire are just perfect, I think.

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